Brave Heart, Children in Need began when a four year old little girl was removed from her home and was taken to the Office of Community Services.   The child was unclean, had no shoes on her feet, and cried inconsolably.  Many times the children when removed, come out of the home with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. After a lengthy processing time, the social worker, Dee's niece, Christy looked to where the little girl was sitting. She had moved to the floor where she had fallen  asleep sucking her thumb. The story broke Dee's heart as she asked Christy, "Didn't you have anything such as a stuffed bear or blanket that you could have given her?" Dee was told that there are no supplies available in the office, such as comfort items, that could be given to the children. That's when Dee said, " I can buy a bear or a blanket!"

Dee and her husband, George, began purchasing items for these children and went from bears to blankets to Brave Heart in about a year. Soon bags containing bears, blankets, Hygiene items and school supplies were being given to each child when removed for their home.